Fast fashion, ever changing trends and a 'throw away culture' may be good, financially, for certain companies – but do they always benefit the client?
At Manifattura Donna we believe that Style is crucial to achieving your goals. If you want to increase your income or boost your profits – invest in good quality clothes; if you want to look more confident - go for tailored outfits; if you want the perfect guy to fall in love with you - choose more feminine items.
But can we really achieve our goals by buying that outrageously expensive dress just because it was featured in the latest Vogue?

We try to promote the slow fashion movement as much as we can. The new, sustainable approach to fashion is about making sure you put yourself first when you choose your outfit. Veronica Crespi from Rewardrobe is a wonderful person who shows clients how choosing the right colours, and favouring good quality clothes, could enrich their lives. We love her Italian approach to fashion - where real quality and relationships really do matter.

So if this trendy dress suits your personality, your colours and your body shape – then go for it. Just make sure you always put yourself first!

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