Ladies, have you ever asked yourself, how your appearance and Style might influence your professional image and career? Can fashion actually help us to achieve success?

Fashion is Success and Sustainability in Style! With this functional approach to fashion the women’s wear label Manifattura Donna promotes a new understanding of the relation between Style and professional success. Manifattura Donna designs aim at supporting women in creating a more professional image through fashion and hence helping them feeling more confident and achieving their career goals.

Manifattura Donna was founded in 2011 by Dominika Mosz, a fashion designer, brand and personal brand specialist with over 10 years’ experience in the field. Dominika’s designs are very universal and attract 20-year-olds as well as 80-year-old clients. Besides providing beautifully designed clothes, Manifattura Donna pursues a truly sustainable business approach. The company ensures that their apparel are produced from the highest quality fabrics by the best Italian and British tailors.

Find out more about Manifattura Donna designs and Dominika’s tricks on how to create your own personal Style and achieve professional success.

Dominika, your approach to fashion is “Success and Sustainability in Style”. Why do you believe that clothes and Style are so crucial to women’s professional success? We live in times where the first impression is increasingly more important and unfortunately people don’t spend enough time getting to know. The quick look may be enough to make first judgments and establish opinions that may be very difficult to change. I believe that especially at work you have to show you respect yourself if you want others to respect you. Clothes and our Style can be a great expression of not only respect for yourself but also a way to project the image of a person that you aspire to be.

How would you define Style? How can women achieve Style? At Manifattura Donna we define Style as an effect of an ongoing process. It takes a long time to create the right image. Style for us does not equal to following trends or spending a lot on a dress just because it was featured in the latest magazine or worn by the hottest celebrity. To create your own Style means to learn about the best colours or cuts that suit your body. It also involves making sure you choose outfits that not only are right for the occasion but also make you feel comfortable and confident.

Personally I believe that good quality fabrics and the perfect fit of a garment are key to a good Style. As a designer, how do you recognise good quality fabrics and what determines a great fit? In terms of fabrics, I always like to know where it comes from and try to get to know the producers. We only go for British and Italian fabrics because we think they are the best quality. Italians are known for their perfect knowledge of female body – that’s why we work with them when it comes to shirts. We manufacture our dresses in London because we believe it’s a great place to produce clothes, you can both combine the great quality of fabrics and skills of tailors working with you. I could not agree more with the statement that a great cut is very important. That is why we have spent so much time on ensuring that our designs suit a great variety of body shapes, enhancing feminine attributes.

What is your must-have investment piece to enhance your professional Style? I would say a white shirt. It makes you look professional and feminine at the same time.

Manifattura Donna designs are great investment pieces, because they are soversatile. Please tell us more about the clothes. Our designs are created for busy women with a number of meetings and tasks to accomplish during the day. We have created fashionable pieces for females who often don’t have time to come back home and change before going out for an elegant dinner with a client or a friend. We make our women feel confident at work but also feminine and elegant after work. Our designs strictly respect the dress code when it comes to business environment, but thanks to small, detachable accessoriesyou can change the way you look. At Manifattura Donna we think that fashion should adapt to the lifestyle of women, not the other way around.

Which feeling do Manifattura Donna designs want to convey to the women wearing the clothes? Definitely confidence! In the business environment it is crucial that we believe in ourselves and have a lot of courage. We want to make sure our clients feel they can conquer the world in our designs!

Do you have a style icon? I love elegance and impeccable style of Audrey Hepburn. Especially the way she was wearing white shirts.

Being a successful business woman yourself, which piece of advice would you give other ambitious and creative women? Never give up! Sometimes things go a bit faster, sometimes a bit slower but it is crucial to follow your dreams and never let negative thinking or other people stop you.

Thank you so much for this inspiring interview, Dominika.

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