Sense the earth,

Sobriety of mind

Blurs the truth.

The stars and the sun swirl together,

Hands unite

In the dance of feeling;

Listen to the silence,

Every noise

Takes away

The song of destiny;

Undress from the world;

Throw away

The weight of memories;

The earth whispers 

Of the darkness of death,

The stars sing

Of the eternity of love,

The body, 

In the night of thoughts and feelings,

Flies higher

Than the angels


Colours twinkle in the air,

Merge in a desolate dance;

Light blends with sound

That pulsates and disappears;

Whisper, touch, breath;

Become the landscape, drenched in colour,

That entices us, leads us,

Into the world of thoughts, hints and dreams,


The whisper of night

Is like the warm softness of bats’ wings;

Darkness smells

Of the purple rose

Shrouded in shade;

It smells of the grey cigarette smoke,

And calls out

With the voice of child

Who doesn’t wish to fall asleep;

The night embraces you

with light

of the streetlamps,

The night will take you away,

On wings made of stars,

So that you can see

The true beauty of the world.



The old oak with his timeworn arms

Tries to catch the falling snowflakes;


The rowan tree

Puts on the beautiful

Argentate dress

Of a bride


The apple tree

Extends its arms

To thank heaven

For the sweet warm rages of the sun;


The willow tree bows

Its heavy head,

In a humble nod;

There is silence, wisdom and whispers

In the trees,

Listen to their rustle;

A sound like the soft pulsating

Of blood breathing new life.


Nightingales cease their singing,

The stars put out their shining

So that you can breathe in

The silken darkness;

Night lingers,

Filled up with fog, 

Lingering mist, and dying stars;

The air swells with humidity,

Falling leaves form quiet melodies,

Nature’s symphony,

Floats up into the sky,

As the waking trees

Offer up new prayers to their Lord.


Light and shadow,

Colours and sparks, 

A battle of wind and clouds,

Mist turns into shapes

That you transform

With your dreams

Soft, warm sky,

In rain and storm,

Washes through

Our fragile crystal dreams.