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  • Why is giving attention to your workwear important for you?
What I wear influences how I feel about myself and has a direct impact on my confidence.  People form impressions about me, based on the way I dress and carry myself.  Confident, well poised women in the workplace can do well without being pushy – to me this does not mean ‘power dressing’ to make a particular statement, but rather dressing in clothes that are appropriate to the environment, individual and for me personally, feminine clothes – I wear a lot of dresses with either a tailored jacket or well cut coat. This makes me appear both professional and approachable.  Of course you have to consider on a daily basis who you are coming into contact with and the nature of that contact and then dress accordingly.

  • Any fashion tips?
Most importantly to me only ever wear clothes that fit well and that flatter your figure.  Bring a little splash of colour or sparkle somewhere – whether it is jewellery, a bag or a pair of shoes. In corporate environments, it is sometimes difficult to keep your individuality when the dress ‘code’ dictates perhaps a style of dress that wouldn’t reflect who you are out of the workplace – so accessorise with something that says something about your personality, I think it’s fun to have something that has a hint of what you might get up to out of the office! 
Give the same care and attention to your working wardrobe as you do to your weekend wardrobe.  Wear dresses to work – they are an instant outfit!  And finally - buy machine washable fabrics!


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