Many people suffer from a lack of confidence in the workplace. It’s all too easy for self-doubts and fears to creep in and hold us back from realising our potential and achieving our dreams. Since the most successful people also seem to be the most confident people, confidence is an important part of our professional lives. Here are some tips for boosting your self-confidence in the workplace:

1. Celebrate your achievements – write a list of your past successes and give yourself due credit for the things you do well.

2. Practice, practice, practice – write a list of the areas where you feel you still need improvement, and then try to think of a way to get more practice at each one (e.g. volunteering to do more presentations or joining a public speaking group like Toastmasters).  The more you do something, the better you get at it and the less frightening it becomes.

3. Preparation – if you manage your time correctly you will feel calmer and more in control of your workload, which will increase your confidence.

4. Body language and professional dress – think about the way you present yourself at work. First impressions are very important in business if you want to come across as professional, capable and confident. Always hold your head up high, keep your shoulders back and make eye contact with the people you’re speaking to. Make sure you wear good quality clothes that are appropriate for the workplace as well as smart, functional and stylish.  If you look good, you’ll feel good too.

At Manifattura Donna we understand the importance of workwear that will boost your confidence. Every one of our designs has been tested in the most challenging business situations, such as meetings and presentations, before being passed on to the manufacturers. Shirts are longer – so that they will never come untucked during presentations and our dresses are made from an innovative fabric that doesn’t crease and will look impeccable all day long. There are lots of potential stresses in the workplace – don’t let clothing be one of them!


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i visited ur site fo the first time n the article which u have return is absolutely amazing, the emotions in this story was really touchy. thanks for posting this wonderful article. i felt the pain u have shown.... keep posting...


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