Everyone has had the feeling at times of drowning in work and struggling to keep up with deadlines and multiple commitments. When juggling work and family life, the importance of time management becomes even more critical. There are only so many hours in the day, but with a bit of pre-planning we can make more use of the time that we have.

Planning ahead only takes a few minutes, but it can save a lot of time in the long run, and help you to be more organised. Setting a daily or weekly plan of tasks helps you to prioritise what is urgent and what can wait. It also helps you to be more realistic about what you are able to do. It’s always better to take on a smaller number of tasks and do them well rather than taking on too much and leaving work unfinished or not doing it properly.

Always bear your long-term goals in mind and organise your time accordingly. Setting priorities, deadlines and goals for yourself helps you to stay focused and to keep on track. Once you have the road ahead of you clearly mapped out, you can concentrate on getting there.



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