Last month, M&S launched a new eco-initiative, ‘Shwopping,’ which encourages consumers to bring their old clothes into a store so that they can be reused, resold or recycled by charity partner Oxfam. The idea is that people donate an old item of clothing every time they buy a new one.

M&S have stated that their aim is to recycle as many clothes as they sell – around 350 million a year. CEO Mark Bolland has said that their ultimate goal is to ‘put a complete stop to clothes ending up in landfill.’ In the above video of the Shwopping launch, you can see 10,000 items of clothing draped over buildings in Brick Lane – this shocking amount represents the number of clothes thrown into landfill sites every five minutes.  

The scheme has been endorsed by Joanna Lumley who has said that she would like to see this kind of clothes recycling become as common as bottle recycling.  ‘I think people will be suspicious and doubtful [at first],’ she says in an interview to the Telegraph. ‘[But] I'm rich enough, and grand enough, and old enough not to have to do things anymore, so I only do things that I can put my hand on my heart and say: “This is good” and I back it. I want people to know that they can trust me and I can trust M&S.’

Efforts from large companies like M&S to be more eco-friendly are always to be welcomed but, of course, we should not forget the importance of buying better quality pieces in the first place, and the difference that slow fashion can make to people and to the planet.



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