Upcycling - "The practice of taking something that is disposable and transforming it into something of greater use and value."

Whereas recycling involves making something of lesser value, upcycling consists of making products that are of the same or greater value – they move back up the supply chain rather than further down it. As well as creating new and exciting pieces, upcycling saves water and energy, prevents unnecessary production and minimises harmful environmental effects.

A great example of this is Reclaim to Wear – named by Vogue as “the most stylish fashion campaign there is” – a designer solution to an environmental challenge introduced by Orsola de Castro and Fillipo Ricci as a way to design beautiful clothes made entirely from discarded materials and remnants, such as stock, designer surplus and production off-cuts. Livia Firth is amongst those who have collaborated with Reclaim to Wear to produce a bespoke upcycled design.

Orsola de Castro and Fillipo Ricci are also the curators of Estethica, the BFC’s ethical fashion initiative.



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