In the April edition of Vogue, Alexa Chung admitted that she was too often guilty of “pointless purchases” and that she now has a mental checklist when buying a new item of clothing: if she can’t style it three ways, then she usually doesn’t buy it. In today’s frantic throwaway culture, too many of us buy clothes on the spur of the moment that we don’t really want. We wear them a few times and then they sit in our wardrobes collecting dust.

An easy way to instantly make your wardrobe a greener place is to buy less clothes in the first place but to think more carefully about those clothes you do buy – choosing good quality pieces that are made to last instead of cheap disposable items that will quickly fall apart.

Alexa Chung named Patti Smith, Debbie Harry and Francoise Hardy among her style icons – all of whom famously wear the same outfit until it genuinely wears out rather than wearing it once never to be seen again.

Sustainable shopping is by far the most stylish way to lessen the number of clothes being dumped into landfills each year. Manifattura Donna are proud to be a label that believes in loving clothes for a lifetime, going for timeless, classical pieces that you can style.. different ways - instead of merely flirting with fleeting fashion trends.



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